Thursday, August 1, 2019

Getting a error code after your install.

After your handlebar install you may get an error code. This can be caused due to unplugging your wires and leaving your ignition switch on. The true way to avoid this is to disconnect your battery first. But if you do get this code do not be alarmed, it is very simple to clear. We only recommend doing this after your install. DO NOT DO THIS FOR ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE, IF YOU GET THIS CODE TAKE YOUR BIKE TO HARLEY DAVIDSON.

Here is a video and around 4:20 it shows you how to check and clear your error code.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


What are Factory 47’s return/exchange requirements? 
If you discover a manufacturing defect, Factory 47 Cycles will replace or repair the item at their discretion and in accordance with local law. Warranty claims must be accompanied by an acceptable proof of purchase. The item MUST be in brand new condition and has never been used, installed or damaged in anyway. The product is only eligible for refund if it was delivered within the last (7) days with a 15% restocking fee. The shipping charges that are incurred with the purchase and return on the product are non-refundable. Factory 47 Cycles is not responsible if the item is damaged during transit, you will need to file the claim with the shipping carrier. Lastly, refunds or exchanges will not be completed until original product is received and inspected with original proof of purchase.  

What is covered under warranty? 
Factory47 Cycles stands behind the quality of their products with a Limited Warranty — their guarantee that every Factory 47 Cycles item is free of manufacturing defects. This warranty is valid for 6 months, beginning on the date of delivery from an authorized Factory 47 Cycles retailer. HOWEVER, Factory 47 is not responsible for any flaws in the finish after installation of bars 
If you discover a manufacturing defect, Factory 47 Cycles will replace or repair the item at their discretion and in accordance with local law. Warranty claims must be accompanied by an acceptable proof of purchase. 
This Limited Warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, accidents or any modification to a Factory 47 Cycles itemFactory 47 Cycles cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or cost resulting from the misuse of their products e.g. (Installation and labor costs). Please note that general wear, including but not limited to the breakdown of powder coat and/or chrome and materials over time, is not considered a material or manufacturing defect. 
***Due to extreme weather conditions the finish on items could potentially be at risk of rusting. E.g. states with a lot of humidity and/or rain or located near beaches, are more likely to rust if not taken care of properly by wiping down item with appropriate products. 
***During installation, if the brake and clutch are not properly lied down, the fluids could potentially leak/drip onto product and also cause paint or chrome to either discolor, chip, or bubble. 
How do I file a warranty claim?  Photographs of the defect are required. Once the photos of the defect are inspected and the warranty claim has been approved, Factory 47 will issue the consumer a discount code to their online store for the corresponding monetary value of the item. The value of the discount code will be equivalent to the MSRP (manufacture suggested retail price). The discount code will only be valid for a single use and will expire one year from the date of issue. All defected products will need to be shipped back to Factory 47 Cycles prior to receiving the code or at least be in transit back to Factory 47 Cycles.  
Can my item be re-finished? 
Yes, if the items durability is not compromised, then Factory 47 Cycles can re-finish the item. Please note that Factory 47 is not responsible for the cost of the re-finish or shipping arrangements unless otherwise noted. 
Here at Factory 47 Cycles all warranty claims are dealt with as promptly as possible. Most claims are completed within 5 business days, however, during peak retail seasons such as ‘riding season’ warranty claims may take an additional 4 – 5 business days. We thank you for your patience. 
Be sure to open the product upon arrival and verify that it is the correct item (including the finish and height). If you are unsure, please contact Factory 47 Cycles immediately for further assistance. Factory 47 Cycles is not responsible for any flaws in the finish after installationThere are NO exceptions. Factory 47 Cycles is not responsible if the wrong part was ordered. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Which handle to choose for your Road King Special

This article is only for 2017 and newer Road King Specials. We get a lot of customers asking which handlebar they need to use for their Road King Special. The stock handlebar is 1-1/4" but steps down to 1" for the controls. The riser is also 1-1/4". In this case, many people think you can use the Signature bar, but we do not recommend this because the Signature bar was designed to take the Road Glide weighted control clamps on the top. So, in this case, there would be holes that would show on your bar. The only fix for this is to but the Road Glide weighted control clamps which run over $100.
Our solution to this is to use our Malo or Maddogger handlebar so you do not need to change the control clamps. The only issue with this is our bar steps down to 1" but all you have to do is purchase our 1-1/4" adapter for $60 and problem solved. Keep in mind we personally use this adapter on our own bikes and it is very safe. We have listed the items below you need.

Monday, September 24, 2018

How to get a Factory 47 Shield crash bar to fit your Harley.

Factory 47 makes crash bars for:

2000-2017 Softails
1997-2019 Baggers

But we do get the occasional request for an older year Bagger, Softail, Dyna or special construction. In this case, we apologize we can not custom make you a bar but all of our crash bars are designed to fit the models we offer and since we do production we just do not have the time to custom make them. We do have a solution that will work with most cases. The first step before we even recommend attempting this is to make sure there is a hole in the top center of the frame to mount the crash bar. Once confirmed you can then attempt it. As shown in the pictures below we always mount the top first make sure it is centered and even on both sides. You can use a tape measure to measure from the floor to the meat hook on each side to make sure it is even. Also, we recommend putting the bike on a center stand to make sure the bike is straight and not leaning to one side. After you can use a cardboard template to measure the shape of the bracket. Next, you need to measure the holes using a marker for accuracy. After you have made your template you can then make the plate, we recommend using at least 1/4" thick and drill to use at least 3/8" bolts. When securing the crash bar to the bracket we also recommend using grade 8 bolts, washers, nylock bolts and Loctite. Keep in mind after doing this the crash bar will be strong but not as strong or safe as mounting one to the original stock locations, this concept will only help you get the desired look.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

FACTORY 47 VICLA PROJECT: In the right direction.

We are so excited to have the vicla back at the shop for the next step. Here is a video and a few shots of it now. We decided to change the pulley and rotors also to match the rim and add more chrome. We also added a Road king headlight nacelle The next step is to add all the trim, headlight rings, and of course our engine guard.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


We do not know which step should be first in designing our vicla project but we thought it would be best to start with the funnest step, air bags. Plus with the air bags complete we can get a better idea on the rims we want to go with. In the year 2015 Factory 47 went to Sturgis Black Hills Rally in South Dakota for the 75th anniversary. Along the way we met a great company who showed us the ropes and helped us out there, Shotgun Shocks. We felt a strong bond with them because they believe in the same values as us, great products manufactured in house. After the rally we stood close friends with JD and the crew not to mention they are only down the street from us. So it was a no brainier on deciding which system to use. Shotgun Shocks is famous for there awesome two switch system and has mastered airbags for Harley Davidson Softails. Thanks again to everyone at Shotgun Shocks for the awesome system and great customer service. Project vicla is one step closer. For more details on Shotgun click the link below. We also supplied a video on how the system works.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

FACTORY 47 VICLA PROJECT: The right bike.

Factory 47 has a reputation for quality made production meat hook handle bars designed to fit any new bagger, Softail or Dyna Harley Davidson. So it would make sense to make our first project build a modern bagger or dyna? We decided to swing in a completely different direction and go back to our roots where it all started for us, a vicla Softail. So now the first step is selecting the right bike. It can be difficult to choose the correct Softail, there is so many years, models, and colors to choose from. We decided on going with a 2003 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage for the simple reason nothing says tradition like 100 year anniversary. Not to mention the awesome black and silver color scheme. Fortunate for us our very own Factory 47 representative Mark has been in the market for a new bike and tracked down the perfect bike, a completely stock unmolested Heritage with the color scheme we want and only 7k miles on it. We took no chances and got the bike last night, congratulations Mark. As you can see by the first picture it came with all the original heritage bags, windshield and stock seat. In the second picture, all of that had to go in the first day. We also added a La Pera Seat for the low down look with comfort. We plan on making some major changes to this bike soon, so keep checking our blog for the latest updates. Don't think we plan to do this whole build to just put our meat hook handle bars on it, the main reason for this build as mentioned before is to return to our roots and tradition, so we plan on designing a whole new set of OG round vicla handle bars and crash bars that we plan on releasing after the build, veterano style.