Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Any 2015-18 Road Glide can use STOCK CABLES with 16" Signature Handle Bars!

We have big news. We just figured out how to re route stock 2015-17 Road Glide cables to fit 16" Signature handle bars. And they are not to tight nor do they bind when you turn. We will release a full how to install video in the near future. Here is a little video that explains how we did it. We apologize for the sound the fan was on and hit the microphone. You can also use your stock throttle by wire but you will have to extend your wires. The wires are on $35 and are plug and play.

Part #24020-1109       9”   Plug-n-Play


  1. Is it the same for a 2017 street glide?

  2. Got my 14" Hangers last week and looked them over real well and saw no imperfections. I plan on installing them myself after I have my HD Dealership flash a few things. Figured it best since they might scratch them accidently so make it the final touch to upgrading my new bike. Nice looking bars to say the least.

  3. I can’t see this working on the ‘19 Road Glide. I installed the 14” Malo bars last night and they barely went. The control cables are plugged in at the handlebars and the throttle cable 6 wire connector doesn’t come apart. 3 1/2 hours of fun putting these on lol. But in the end they look great on my bike!