Tuesday, November 7, 2017

FACTORY 47 VICLA PROJECT: The right bike.

Factory 47 has a reputation for quality made production meat hook handle bars designed to fit any new bagger, Softail or Dyna Harley Davidson. So it would make sense to make our first project build a modern bagger or dyna? We decided to swing in a completely different direction and go back to our roots where it all started for us, a vicla Softail. So now the first step is selecting the right bike. It can be difficult to choose the correct Softail, there is so many years, models, and colors to choose from. We decided on going with a 2003 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage for the simple reason nothing says tradition like 100 year anniversary. Not to mention the awesome black and silver color scheme. Fortunate for us our very own Factory 47 representative Mark has been in the market for a new bike and tracked down the perfect bike, a completely stock unmolested Heritage with the color scheme we want and only 7k miles on it. We took no chances and got the bike last night, congratulations Mark. As you can see by the first picture it came with all the original heritage bags, windshield and stock seat. In the second picture, all of that had to go in the first day. We also added a La Pera Seat for the low down look with comfort. We plan on making some major changes to this bike soon, so keep checking our blog for the latest updates. Don't think we plan to do this whole build to just put our meat hook handle bars on it, the main reason for this build as mentioned before is to return to our roots and tradition, so we plan on designing a whole new set of OG round vicla handle bars and crash bars that we plan on releasing after the build, veterano style.

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